The Club has run First Aid Training sessions for 30 coaches and parents from multiple age groups in the past couple of weeks.

Thanks to our very own Chris Bright, Head of Mini Rugby, and Club Physio and Qualified Anaesthetic Nurse and Trainer Vicky di Placito, a large cohort is now equipped with life saving skills that might be vital not just on a Sunday but in any given context.

The two three-hour training sessions were held in the Clubhouse. They covered what to do in the event of cardiac arrest, and how to administer resuscitation and use a defibrillator on adults, children and infants. The other aspects of the training included recognising and treating severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and choking.

Related to the training, members should be aware that there is a defibrillator to the extreme right end of the bar that anyone can access in an emergency, as well as an Epipen.

"Huge thanks to Vicky for running the sessions," said Chris, who livened up the sessions with some colorful insights based on his experiences in a government role. "I hope those excellent people who stuck their hand up and put the hours in to do the training never have to deal with a cardiac arrest or a similar crisis, however giving as many people within the Club as possible essential First Aid training is hugely important to the welfare and well-being of children and adults."