Jake Sheaf has represented Great Britain at beach volleyball tournaments across the globe and along with his playing partner Chris Gregory, has been 5 x British beach Volley Ball Champion.

As one of 4 brothers, Jake is not the only sibling competing at the top of his sport.Brothers Max (18) and Ben (15) both play Football (Soccer) for Arsenal - for their Premiership and Academy teams respectively. His fourth brother, Luke, has recently retired from Beach Volleyball and entered a career as an Officer in the British Army.

With 4 boys all at the top of their game, we will also hear from Jake's mother - Mandy - and learn the secrets of time management:

  • How to be in several places at the same time......logistics getting the right son to the correct venue, with the appropriate kit
  • The best Management and Coaching styles
  • Who has been the best mentor and coach to her sons?
  • Which Manager of which sport has stood out and why?

As a former Beach Volleyball player herself, representing Great Britain,  Mandy can also share her own experiences - not least, all the washing four son's must create when they are all at the top of their game in their respective sport.

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