Don Glanfield, Joseph Newman- Browne , Elliot Bellringer Oscar Harrison and Tyler O Reilly

After getting over the first challenge of the day - getting through the traffic jams and finding each other among the 50 Under 7 teams, it was time for a very quick warm up and then straight into the matches.  

These included matches against Old Cranleighan, Old Wimbledon Warriors, Old Emanuel and Old Whitgiftian, all of which were close matches with the teams separated by no more than one or two tries in each game.

Tyler unfortunately had to drop out after the first game leaving the remaining players to play the last 3 matches without any substitutions.

Across all the games there was great running, tagging and support from all of the boys with Joseph, Elliot and Don crossing the line numerous times, leading to us leaving with a couple of wins, one draw and one loss -  if anyone was counting the scores.

Well done to all the boys for playing with such great attitude and thanks to the parents for their support.