Old Colfeians Festival

Team: George Coulter, George Gallivan, Zoe Gallivan, Ollie Low, Logan MacDonald and Wian Botes

You could feel the excitement on the ground as the team arrived on a beautiful spring morning at Old Colfeians. Eager team members were warming up with their favourite games, immediately there was camaraderie and team spirit.  

This was followed by a drill for all players to have both hands on the ball while running and passing.

Before the Oaks U7s took to the pitch it was coach Coulter Snr up first, as he refereed the opening match of the festival.  Performance - 10/10.

Match 1: Sevenoaks v Old Elthamians (score win 4 tries to 2)

The warm-up proved key as the team was focused and ready for kick-off. Logan was straight out of the blocks with some strong running and Sevenoaks went 1-0 up. Brilliant tagging inspired by George G resulted in Sevenoaks securing a turn-over. Fast running and accurate passing from Ollie set Zoe up for a score in the corner. Logan produced his own version of the “Campese-shuffle” opening up the defence and offloading a brilliant pass to George C and another score for Sevenoaks in the corner. Straight running from Wian opened gaps in the defence and a flying Ollie went down the touch line to gently dot down for Sevenoaks.

Match 2: Sevenoaks v Old Colfeians (score 5 tries each)

The 2nd match was against the favourite home team. However, the locals knew this would be no walk-in-the-park. A straight pass from Logan to Wian from kick-off saw Sevenoaks taking the lead. Cross the pitch running from George C, similar to a Jonathan Joseph opening try (Eng v Scotland), had Sevenoaks well placed in the match.

The brother and sister combination of George G and Zoe saw some flying tags and fantastic defence. Ollie’s passing saw another try for Logan in the corner. A great run from George C had a passionate Ollie scoring to equalise the match.

Match 3: Sevenoaks v Edenbridge (score 5 tries each)

The match opening try, a crash-ball through the middle and no-tags taken saw Wian scoring in the opening seconds of the match. Zoe followed this with a great line-break and some zig-zag-running and beautiful pass for George C to score. Ollie running fast down the touch-line had the defence in disarray and another pass saw Logan score. Lovely hand-to-hand passing from George G to George C and it was match-on. Try-saving tags from all and great rugby match ending in a draw.

Match 4: Sevenoaks v Barbarians (score win 6 to 5)

All was surprised with the arrival of the Old Colfs version of Barbarian rugby. Sevenoaks was up against an open team, any player from any club could join the Barbarians to face the mighty Sevenoaks. Outstanding talent was displayed and a scintillating game of rugby was enjoyed by all. 6 tries scored by all members of the Sevenoaks team.

Match 5: Sevenoaks v Beccehamians (score win 4 to 3)

As the weather was closing in on a beautiful Spring morning, so was the energy of this young inspired team. Eating foot long hotdogs and having wrestling matches under the gazebo while ‘resting’ for the next match, was now showing on some tired faces. Wian scoring 3 tries and George C closing the tournament nicely for Sevenoaks.

All in all, a great day for players and parents, building friendships on, and off, the pitch.


Foxbury Festival

Sevenoaks Gold

Team: Cordelia Davies, Elizabeth Crosby, Iris Fairbairn, Molly Thomson, Lexi Kirkpatrick, Erin Wimble

We had our first all-girls U7 team playing at the Foxbury festival. They worked together and showed some true team spirit, learning from game to game, and developing as a team. By the end of the festival they proved to be a formidable and cohesive unit, able to run in some excellent tries as well as tagging collectively.

Sevenoaks vs Vigo

A strong first performance from the team, however, it took them a while to get into their stride, which resulted in them playing catch up throughout the match. The Vigo team had a number of very fast players, who managed to evade our early tagging efforts. Elizabeth and Iris both showed their pace scoring a number of very well worked tries.

Despite a late surge, the team lost narrowly with 7 tries to 9.

Sevenoaks vs Dartfordians

A very high scoring game, with a total of 21 tries scored between the two teams, resulting in a high passing game which came down to a single turn over, unfortunately we lost by 10 tries to 11. There was good straight running from Molly, Lexi and Elizabeth, with support from our top try scorers in the game namely, Iris, Cordelia and Erin.

Sevenoaks vs Old Elthamians

The team as whole worked together and the tag count improved significantly in this game, which resulted in game coming down to a single turn over. With the improved tagging the number of tries scored against them was halved from the previous game, but unfortunately we lost narrowly by 4 tries to 5. The whole team contributed in different areas, with surge in tags from Cordelia, Iris and Erin.

Sevenoaks vs Gravesend

For our last game of the day, the girls took on board all that they had learnt from the earlier games and put it all together in a smooth demonstration of tag rugby. A well earned victory was secured with the last play of the game, winning by a final score of 7 tries to 6. The team impressed in all areas of play, and the work rate of the whole team was outstanding.

Sevenoaks Blue

To follow.

Guildford Festival

Sevenoaks Blue

Team: Jonty Corstorphine, Matthew Trenter, Zander Reay, Charlie Warren, Sam Lobo and Luca Brunning. 

Match 1 v Old Alleynians - The opposition only had two players, so we lent them our initial reserves, which proved to be an error as Charlie caused our team's defence plenty to worry about running in try after try!  We managed to bounce back from the initial shock of our team mates charging through for OAs to record an 8 - 6 victory.  Overall, Sevenoaks players scored at least 11 of the tries! Won 8 - 6

Match 2 v CranleighWe were hitting our stride at this stage with Luca showing real pace to run in a couple of tries and Matthew tagging well.  Won 9 - 3

Match 3 v Reigatians.  Zander constantly pushed up in defence and his pressure created the crucial turnover which the team held onto through the final minutes to claim a close victory. There was also some impressive tagging / tracking by all. Won 8 - 7

Match 4 v Windsor.  Despite the opposition having a considerable size advantage, our boys continued to hassle.  Sam showed balance and pace running one try from his own half and scoring others.  Jonty supported well to add further tries, enabling the team to finish with a final narrow victory.  Won 7 - 6.

The boys were now caked in mud and tired yet never complained, showing great resilience.  Well done!

Sevenoaks Gold

Team: Aiden Rosier, Benji Rosier, Harrison Curd, Tom Weston-Simons, Cayden Stenhouse, Charlie Kalaher and Zac Williamson. 

Match report for Sevenoaks Gold at Guildford

The first match saw Sevenoaks take on Guildfordians. Sevenoaks had warmed up well and were ready for the first match. The well prepared Oaks took Guildfordians by surprise with their initial defensive onslaught and Benji picked up a ball dropped by them and run over for an early opening try. Some strong individual runs from Zac , Harrison and Charlie resulting in tries kept the score board ticking over. Aiden and Tom proved to be great support players to the tagged player and provided a good link to the oncoming runners. Cayden was persistent in defence and never gave up. Even when a tag was not achieved the continued pressure forced the opposition to make mistakes and kept them on the back foot which was to Oaks advantage.

Oaks finished match 1 as winners 8-6.

Match 2 and Chobam Blue were the next team to challenge Oaks. It was almost a replay of the first match and the boys continued playing to their strengths. The conditions were horrendous and the ball weighed about twice what it should have with all the mud on it. The team adapted to the conditions and strong running rather than passing became the strategy. Good support play of the tagged player allowed oaks to continue their attacks on the try line .

Oaks won 7-5 with a good team performance.

Weybridge Vandals lined up against Oaks for match 3. Both teams were undefeated on the day and looked to keep a clean sheet. The Vandals came out strong and got in some early tries. The strong running and support play resulting in some good tries kept Oaks in the game. The Vandals defence was fierce and upset the previous attacking rhythm Oaks had got into in the first two matches.  When the final whistle sounded Oaks trailed the Vandals and the unbeaten run came to an end.

In the team talk before match 4 against Chobam Green the boys decided they did not like to lose and were not going to in this final game. Particular focus was on defence for this match. It was the performance of the day both individually and as a team and all the players registered at least one score in this final encounter. Zac continued his strong running and scored some good tries , the opposition unable to deal with his pace or running lines. Aiden, Benji and Tom all scored an opportunistic try each , scavenging  off dropped balls from the muddy ground. Tom had a lot of work to do after he scooped the ball up midfield but still managed to dot down in the corner. Harrison scored a superb try in the corner as well after running millimetres from the touchline for most of the length of the pitch. Although they also registered on the scoresheet the outstanding performers of the match were Cayden and Charlie. It was the first match I have seen where the defence has outshone the attack and this was by some distance. Cayden and Charlie were so dominant over the opposition in defence and never allowed them an inch.

This performance resulted in a comfortable win for Oaks 11-5.

Well done to all the boys for their efforts on a wet and muddy day.