Many thanks to Willy P for the following words on Tom Evans, who passed away recently:

"Tom Evans - a man who both loved and was loved by many, a sociable, witty, gentle man and a great listener. He was one of four children and family was very important to him. He developed his love of rugby early in life and was a regular 1st XV winger at Sevenoaks School, as he was when they beat Tonbridge School for the first time. Some other members of that team are still members of the Club. Tom played for the Oaks in the 1st XV until injury sadly forced him into early retirement, but he never lost his love of the game. He was a great supporter of Wales, Sevenoaks Rugby Club, and England, and an England v Wales International watched at the Club was just heaven for him.

"Tom was probably unique in the advertising world in that he worked for the same company his entire career. He was a very traditional man, his love of the simple things – walking in the woods with his dogs, Sunday lunchtime pints in the pub and a huge roast with friends afterwards – were a delight to him.

"He was no mean golfer and could drive the ball a huge distance. His habit of producing a litre of pre-prepared Bloody Mary on the 9th tee and insisting it be drunk left many with the impression they were Tiger Woods, all-be-it the scorecard proved otherwise! Tom's friends were many and varied and he will be greatly missed by them, but especially by his family."