Minutes of Sevenoaks RFC AGM, Tuesday 25 September 2018

Apologies for Absence

  • Attendees: 22

  • Apologies: 4

Minutes of last year’s meeting were considered and accepted

  • Proposed by Miles Hayward

  • Seconded by David Williams

  • Approved

The Chairman’s report had been previously distributed for review

  • Vote to accept:

  • Proposed by -  Dave Sellors

  • Seconded by -  Andy Nicholls

  • Approved

The Treasurer’s report was delivered

  • Miles Hayward - Pitch rental – clearly quite substantial – a lot of STC plus school pitches on Sundays

  • Alan Finlay – Is increased sponsorship ongoing or one-off – SW – intended to be ongoing

  • David Williams – What are the Playing Activities – additional costs – up by 50% - Breakdown in accounts – teas, junior fees

  • Dave Sellors – What does others cover – everything not listed, Donations, cleaning materials, ground rent, Insurance,

  • David Williams – We are writing off the extension money aggressively – what will we do when we reach the end – less than £50k left – JW will discuss with Brebners

  • Andy Clark – Match levies less than half last year – why – becoming outdated & hard to collect – We are considering options but becoming hard to collect

  • Alan Finlay – amounts falling due over more than one year very round – is there a reason – Yes it is tied down to the specific way that we should treat the gym grant.

  • Vote to accept:

  • Proposed - Andy Clark

  • Seconded – David Williams

Honorary Life Members & VPs

  • There were no proposals for any Honorary Life Members

  • Danny Jones was proposed, by Dave Sellors as Vice President.

  • Seconded by Paul Shirtcliff


  • Suggestion by Miles Hayward to lift each year by RPI – becomes better than keeping flat and then a big hike every few years

  • Dave Sellors – How is Pay Subs On-line – Simon Wright - OK for most – there are some known glitches – mainly about reregistering that are known and we are addressing. Dave Sellors and Stuart Vick noted that Kirsty provides a good service.

  • Simon Wright updated that membership cards are due to arrive shortly and will then be provided to every category of member.  Need to agree level of discount that provides at the bar.

  • Vote to accept:

  • Proposed by – Stuart Vick

  • Seconded by – Alan Finlay

  • Approved

Election of Officers

  • TN asked the AGM to recognise the work put in by the Committee approved by acclamation.

  • M Wooldridge proposed a similar thanks TN as Chairman approved by acclamation

  • Seconded – Andy Clark

  • The Chairman summarised the following as the elected committee for next season:

 President: Mike Wooldridge

Treasurer:  John Wilkinson 

Secretary:  Andy Nicholls    

Director of Rugby: Roger McKerlie

Head of Junior Rugby: Danny Jones

Communications Manager: Steve Fitzmaurice

Commercial Manager: Simon Wright

  • All appointments were Proposed by Trevor Nicholson seconded by Paul Shirtcliff and approved

  • Rest of club appointments, no voting required, to be finalised by the Committee.

  • TN thanked Nick Wilkinson for his service as RDO and explained the new role of Community Rugby Manager that has been taken up by Andy Forrester – and that it is slightly different and looking to co-ordinate and develop the junior coaches as well

Consideration of business for which notice has been given

  • None received

Items for consideration of the Committee during the ensuing year, but on which no voting shall be allowed

  • Dave Williams - Noted that the web-site not up-to-date wrt VPs – SF to rectify

  • Andy Clark – made the point that if a decision as big as Broke Hill came up again in the future, that it should be considered to be taken for discussion before the Club before that decision was made.

  • Trevor N – flagged the efforts from the club to support Wheelchair Rugby – including £3,500 donation last Sunday – overall £15k in the year.  Much appreciated and thanks.

Meeting Closed at 20:19