Previous matches between these two great clubs have seen epic battles, bloodied faces, drawn matches and season's bragging rights.

This year , the visitors arrived with depleted numbers,for various reasons, but otherwise keen to start the league season. The Oaks decided not to take the win by forfeit and lent 4 worthy delegates to the Cranbrook cause to begin combat.  

It was not long before the powerhouse Garcia began his quadruple try-scoring day, albeit more than ably supported by Chris Bright and double try scorer Luke Johnstone. 

Cranbrook to their credit never gave up - scoring four tries themselves, two of them from the borrowed Oaks, stalwart Rob Thurnell and newby Josh Searby, which made the 3rd XV management sweat a little harder and doubt the decision of not taking the forfeited points earlier. However tries from Rob Kemp, Tom Kelly and Skipper James Anderson (clearly showing off for his new girlfriend) finally put the game to rest. Medway this weekend promises to be a far tougher encounter!