It was great to see so many of you on Sunday and welcome to Sebastian and Oliver. I hope all the players enjoyed their first session of the season. It was great to see the games at the end being dominated by good passing and forward running as opposed to aimless kicking – let’s try and keep it that way!!


For those that are keen to practice drop kicking, see below for some utube clips from Dan Carter and Jonny Wilkinson. This is how we start and re-start the game this season……

Dan Carter drop kick restarts

Johnny Wilkinson drop goals


TOUR: Please respond to Steve and Jen about whether you will be going on tour this season. This year it will be from Friday 4th May until Monday 7th May

PARKING: We all know how bad parking is at the club and I am sure all the U11s ‘good parkers’. However, I must forward on some messages about parking…

-          Please do not park at Lady Boswell's, otherwise we'll lose access to their playing fields. 

-          Once the car park is full, please try and notify drivers up on Plymouth Drive or the parking volunteers

-          Please don’t take up 2 spaces. 

-          Don’t park beyond the red barriers, these spaces are specifically for the tennis club.

Best of luck to everyone who is taking the 11+ on Thursday. Everyone should be in party mood this weekend!

See you on Sunday.