Sevenoaks 1 was made of the following players: German Prescott, Monty Farmer, Alec Schaeffer, Jamie Wishart, William Brook, Sandy Carrick, Clovis Chaboissier, Thomas Hyde, Brennan O'Keefe and Liam Bartholet. 

The first match was against Westcombe Park. A great match with a lot of intensity and a lot of ripping and balls gained in the rucks. This was the theme of the day, rucking was excellent with Gerran setting the example. This guy could not play for Italie 😀Some great positions in the scrums allowed Will to adjust his pass perfectly to Brennan launched at full speed that no defence could have stopped.
Sevenoaks won by 2 tries.

S1 then played 2 Barbarians teams. After few missed tackles and a defence not as organised as their first game, they drew both games. However, they show some great spirit by coming back after being 2 tries down. Some great attacking again that allowed the fast runners such as Liam, Will to show their abilities.

In the other 2 games against Beckenham and Old Colfeins, the boys had reorganised their defence with some fantastic tackles from Alec and Tom. They won both games.
With Gerran out in our last game, Sandy and Clovis did some excellent contest in the rucks. 

An overall, great day of rugby with some superb skills. Some great lessons learned and addressed very quickly.

Congratulations to all the players.

Cyril Chaboissier


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