On a bright and breezy morning at Aylesford just off the M20, the U10 Tigers endured their longest warm-up ever - around 90 minutes, as their first fixture was oddly not until 11 as three other matches had to be completed first.

This meant that they were well and truly drilled and ready for the first match, against a powerful-looking Canterbury 1. The Crusaders from Mid-East Kent were rocked from the start with surging runs and finishes from Luca, Gerran and Hamish, tidy hands all around and wall-like defence from the likes of Harry and Thomas. A marauding solo effort from Benjy saw half a dozen Crusaders grasping at thin air as our burly forward danced through their ranks. Oaks managed to get ahead 4-0 before allowing a Canterbury speed merchant to take his one and only chance to score. After a superb long-range finish by Joel the final score reached 5-1 with five different Tigers scorers epitomising the superb team play.

Sevenoaks having thrown down the gauntlet, Thanet 2 took up the challenge. The fierce rivals from Far-East Kent started brightly but couldn't match the relentless support play and faultless handling of the Tigers. In spite of three decent enough tries of their own, there was no refuge on Planet Thanet from the eight-headed, sixteen-legged blue-and-yellow alien that was the Oaks team, notching up nine tries from eight different players, surely a club record! A highlight was Luke's extraordinary run from halfway finishing with a side-step which sent three Thanet defenders into touch.

Third up was Gravesend. The grim black-and-white side from the North Kent marshes were sturdy and determined. The Tigers started scrappily, getting rattled by the Gravesend Diggers who shovelled in from the side at pretty much every breakdown. Our two tries (Luca and Harry) in the first half were a real team effort with good ball retention and rucking at the breakdown. One gap in our line was exploited by a Digger clawing one back. Yet the Oaks dug deep. Trench warfare in the second half put paid to any more scores from either side. Sevenoaks just scraped through, ahead 2-1.

Finally, with clouds closing in and temperature tumbling, the Mid-Kentish hosts, Aylesford, sought to please the home crowd, only to be faced with an exhibition performance from the plucky West Kent visitors. An early steal by Olly D close to the Oaks line and a quick pop outside unleashed Hamish who darted down the length of the touchline with the opposition grasping at air. Thereafter the tries came a-gushing, another ten from seven different players. Two unselfish and slick passes on the line from Hamish saw excellent supporting tries from Thomas and Freddy to add to fine scores also by Oliver R, Liam, Luca and Benjy. 11-0.

Topping off an excellent day on the field were some energetic rotating contributions by the Tigers to a strong "BaBas" replacement team. This showcased rugby spirit and the saw young Sevenoaks players mucking in and playing stylish and enjoyable rugby alongside new comrades from other clubs.

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