Home training as normal, 10.15am,  you are not at the Beccehamian festival.

A couple of points about the festival...There is a £5 entrance fee per family.  Teams will play matches in pools of 5, with each team playing 4 games each. Each half will be 7 minutes and there will be 1 minute for half time. 

Parking can be tricky so get there early. The club is in Greater London where it is an offence to park on the pavement. There will be no parking on Corkscrew Hill nor Addington Road in both directions.  Some roads close to the club may also have some areas coned off in order to ensure that traffic can flow through and emergency access.  The club has limited parking onsite which will be first come, first served.   There are quite a few residential roads where parking can be found just a short walk from the club.


Postcode for Sat. Nav. is: BR4 9BB

Good luck to those playing at the festival.

Beazleigh Ben

Carrick Sandy

Chaboissier Clovis

Chambers Jonny

Colesmith Eleanor

Coogan Conor

Goodwin Oscar

Henrey Ethan

Kay Ben

Kay Sam

Knowles Elliot

McCann Sam

Millward Bruno

Mottram Charlie

Neale Edward

Owen Oscar

Schaeffer Alec

Tansley Sammy

Taylor William

Wishart Jamie

Wood Josh