Whilst 6 squads had headed West, a splinter U8s squad headed North to Great Yarmouth, representing SRFC in another festival over the same bank holiday weekend.  Whilst the selection pool available was restricted somewhat, a hearty squad was assembled to take the usual SRFC gusto to Norfolk, with yellow beanies in place.

With the ‘one club’ moniker that runs through the whole mini section, the players assembled and discussed tactics and approaches.  With a ‘mixed’ squad, the usual U8s would have to lead from the front and support their new teammates the best they could.  But they needn’t have worried as they all played as a unit, with surprising strength coming from Owen in support, tagging and running straight and true.

Sevenoaks bagged two convincing wins in Great Yarmouth with just one or two tries being the difference in the other games.  The passion and dedication shown by all players testament to the club ethos and approach to training.  With the U11s taking them under their wing for the tour, there was never a shortage of support on the sidelines.  The final bag showed 48 tries for and 53 against.

Try scorers: 
Callum - 9
Harry - 28
Thomas - 2
Zach - 4
Owen - 5

Well done boys and an excellent job representing the U8s in Norfolk!

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