Sevenoaks 1

Game 1 Vs Tunbridge Wells 2 – Drew 8 – 8

Game 2 Vs Blackheath 2 – Lost 8 – 9

Game 3 Vs Gravesend 2 – Drew 5 – 5

Game 4 Vs Tonbridge Juddians – Lost 5 - 8

Amy V - Lovely straight running with the ball in hand (although I think you have more speed that you are not using).  Good decisive running from the re-start.  Work on moving quickly towards the attacking player and don’t slow down until you are next to them, then reach for the tag.

Damon - A great effort.  You improved with each match, and became more involved in play.  Stay connected with your team mates in defence, don’t let yourself be left behind when the team moves forward to tag.

Elliot - Brilliantly quick in defence to tag both from set piece and in open play.  Lovely straight running in attack which showed in your high try count.  A fantastic work rate throughout every game.  Look to pass with more urgency when you are tagged.  You pushed through the defence to great effect, making space for your team mates to score, but sometimes indecisive passing gave the opposition time to re-group and the space had gone.

Georgia - Great support play throughout the games to keep the team moving forwards.  Excellent organisation to set the team up at a re-start.  Don’t reach for the tag until you are really close, running with your arm stretched out slows you down.  Let your team mates know where you are before they are tagged, not just once they have been tagged, to make their decision making easier.

GurvanYou were great in support throughout the matches, following your team mates to put yourself in a great position to receive the ball.   Be more vocal.  Make sure your team mates are aware you are in a great position to ensure you receive the ball.

JamieFantastic work rate and enthusiasm throughout all matches.  Consistently great tagging, and some lovely passes in attack once you had been tagged.  Be loud!  Shout “tag” very loudly the moment the tag is in your hand to let the ref know you have it and force the opposition to pass before they sneak an extra couple of steps.

Sean McInallySuper running with the ball in hand, some lovely passing and really effective tagging throughout the matches.  You were always fully involved with the game with some great support running.  Try to focus on running towards the try line, it is okay to be tagged.  If you break through the defensive line whilst being tagged, you have provided a great opportunity for you team mates to score. Be more vocal when in support to make it easier for the ball carrier.

Will BeazleighYour lightning speed makes you so difficult to tag.  When you had the ball you took so much territory with superb straight running it always resulted in a try (either by you or a support runner).  Lovely accurate off-loads to team mates, and great support running.  Be confident!  You have to let your team mates know you are ready to receive the ball in open play, and not just from the re-start (they will want to pass to you!).  Let them know before they are tagged that you are there to take the ball forward.

Sevenoaks 2

Sevenoaks started well then faded at Tunbridge Wells, with a mixed bag of performances, ultimately paying the price of poor tagging.

In their opening game they beat Cranbrook 8-7.
A good team performance in the first game with solid performances and tries from Ollie Maltarp, Ben Hunter and Isaac Stringer. Some well supported play, running straight forward and excellent off loads contributed to a high scoring game and ultimately the key to the victory was strong support play and keeping the ball moving.

Next up was a chastening defeat at the hands of a well drilled Gravesend side. Oaks reluctance to tag aggressively allowed the opposition to run in 9 tries to 3. Blackheath and Tunbridge Wells followed and whilst the team battled hard scoring some lovely team tries along the way there were two more defeats (7-5 and (9-4). 

As the day went on the team improved their link up play with Gregor Devine, Odin Williams, Francis Webb, Tristan Lloyd Williams and Ben Shellard growing in confidence.  Both Ollie and Ben lead the team well with Ollie tagging, linking and scoring, concentrating on being the linchpin at the heart of everything.

Ultimately it was defence that cost the team any chance of progressing, despite some valiant efforts.