Sevenoaks Rugby Club U8s were in action on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend.

Saturday started with the now familiar early morning car and coach run to Allianz Park for the Alan Day Tournament.  Two squads faced some challenging opposition, collecting two wins, three draws and three losses.  The teams suffered heavily from missed TAGS, seeing opposition players taking tries with ease.  However, attack play was good with some excellent passages of play seeing some great tries by both SRFC teams.  In light of the tough opposition, the coaches took a lot of positives away from the tournament, very happy with the effort put in by all the players who enjoyed playing on the hallowed synthetic turf.

Beccehamians hosted the second tournament on the Sunday in West Wickham where SRFC U8s faced yet more tough opposition.  Playing against teams such as TJs and Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks acquitted themselves well, but ultimately suffered against better teams, seeing three losses and a draw by the end of the session. 

All three squads enjoyed themselves and walked away with their head held high.  We now head towards the end of the season and a busy tournament schedule, starting with six squads at four festivals next Sunday.

Saracens Tournament

Sevenoaks 2 at Saracens

Sevenoaks 2 at Saracens

It was a tournament of two halves for Sevenoaks 2 at a cold and damp Saracens. 

We started well against Wenden Ambo Crusaders winning by 7-6. Five of our eight players made it on to the scoresheet.  We would have had two more tries but for a confusing pitch marking which saw each team lose at least one try.

We then continued our good form against Old Grammarian Sharks who we beat by 6 tries to 5. Again five players made it onto the scoresheet.

Matches 3 and 4 were less exciting from an Oaks perspective. Westcliff beat us 3-7. Our tagging really let us down against a side of boys who were bigger and faster than us. Tring were our final opposition and again were much stronger and we suffered a 2-6 defeat. Our tagging was again a factor, but Tring also demonstrated some slick skills and went on to win the tournament.

In summary, all of the players did well today and can be proud of themselves. Thank you to Dexter Williams, Ethan Anderson, Harry Paterson, Jan Lousberg, Lucas Gorrill, Nicholas Sumner, Sam Chapman, Thomas Kerton and all of the parents who made the journey to Barnet. 

Beccehamians Tournament

A challenging morning at Beccehamians.  We played 4 games and were perhaps a little unlucky to lose 3 and draw 1.

We started against Old Elthamians, who were certainly well drilled.  The score was 6-6 when we, as time keepers, told our TJs ref time was up. OEs claimed there was time for one more restart and with them in possession we went down 6-7.  Pleasingly 5 Sevenoaks players managed to get on the scoresheet.

We then faced Tunbridge Wells who were well deserved winners.  Two turnovers from consistent tagging gave them an advantage along with some dropped balls from Sevenoaks saw them come out on top.  I counted the score as 3-6.

Our third match was against local competition - TJs who beat us 4-2.  A couple of missed tags cost us the match.

Our last match against Old Whitgifians was more evenly matched with a final score of 6-6. 

All in all a frustrating morning but the boys came away with heads held high.