11 of SRFC’s finest all managed to remember to put their clocks back, and drove carefully north through the mist to Beccehamian RFC Minis Festival this morning. The members of Sevenoaks A were Amy Vickers, Barnaby Burns, Daniel Peters, Luke Coll, Finnbar Dalton, Nicholas Sumner, Oliver Bown, Owen Williamson, Thomas Kidd, Toby Edwards and Harry Mitchell.

Game 1

Westcombe Park B: 2 Sevenoaks A: 4

We went into our first game with a degree of nervousness, as this was the first time most of us had played together, and for some it was the first festival of the season. It took the first half for us to really settle into playing again, with nerves or a lack of confidence holding almost everyone back from tackles. However, we had held Westcombe to a 2-all draw at half time. We were a little more settled during the second half, but a rather timid approach to tackling threatened to loose us the game, and it was only the blistering speed and dogged determination of Luke that carried us through. However, at full time the Coaches instructions to the team were that Luke wasn’t the whole team, and he would be exhausted if everyone let him do all the running. We all need to get stuck in

Try scorers were:  Luke: 4

Game 2

Edenbridge A: 4 Sevenoaks A: 4

Confidence levels had gone up half a notch as we ran out to face Edenbridge. Finn proved effective in attack, moving forward and intimidating the opposition. Both teams were very well matched, with Edenbridge maybe having the edge in tackling confidence and discipline. But we had better pace, and when we found the space we made great use of it. In the opening play Amy made a terrific tackle that stopped the advance in its tracks. Barnaby took up the challenge and put in some extremely effective tackles, and Toby found his legs later in the second half to score a well-earned try.

Try scores were: Barnaby: 1 Luke: 2 Toby: 1

Game 3

Beckenham: 3 Sevenoaks A: 7

Our confidence was definitely building as the day progressed, and 7 very enthusiastic players ran out to face Beckenham. The Coaches advice to Nick to push forward more seemed to pay dividends with him much more confident to exploit his height and be first up in defence. Toby appeared to accept that he was actually a good tackler, and the opposition suddenly found him a force to be reckoned with. During the second half we discovered that Owen showed how well he could run, going over for 2 cracking tries. The final play of the game was an excellent piece of teamwork, with everyone passing at least once, moving the ball the full width of the pitch and culminating with Oliver making a great run down the line for our 7th try. A great game!

Try scorers were: Barnaby: 1 Luke: 2 Fin: 1 Oliver: 1 Owen: 2

Game 4

Whitgiftians: 0 Sevenoaks A: 5

Definitely our best result of the day. Heads were up and everyone wanted to play in this game. Amy built on her first game’s experience with another great tackle, and Daniel showed real confidence in defence, pushing forwards and not letting the opposition get up any speed. Thomas followed Amy’s lead with a couple of really good tackles, helping to win a turnover on the 7th tackle, and during the second half Harry showed some great support running, picking up a pass and scoring with ease. This was a tremendous game were everyone really put in a huge effort, and were rightly rewarded with an excellent win.

Try scorers were: Barnaby: 1 Luke: 2 Toby: 1 Harry: 1