SRFC U9 Guiding Principles 2016-17

As a group of coaches we follow a set of principles to how we approach our rugby. Over the seasons we will update and amend as we progress – this gives you a quick guide to our coaching philosophy.


·         Fun - Ensure a competitive, fun environment

·         Teamwork - Build a strong sense of ‘team’ within the player groups : Team first – Self Last

·         Squad - Build a strong sense of identity  as a Sevenoaks Rugby Club representative- on and off field

·         Respect - Treat players, coaches, referees and parents with respect at all time

·         Positive Reinforcement - Recognise and celebrate successes in a positive, supportive environment (from a good pass/try-saving tackle to winning a tournament)

·         Respect – Win or Lose - Recognise and celebrate both winning and losing and develop


·         Squad - Look to grow the squads and players towards multiple, 15 aside Teams (U14)

·         Mobility - Allow players to move as they develop within the game and physicality in the training and team groups – we will never fix these – any player has the ability to move

·         Focus on Core Skills - to create rounded rugby players

·         Match Play - Send as many teams as possible to tournaments


·         Fair – to act fairly and responsibly in our approach to coaching

·         Opportunity – listen to, guide and support all players in their development

·         Basics - To establish ‘building blocks’ of the fundamental skills, such as catching, passing, tackling/breakdown, before the win-all mentality.

·         Example – to present as role models and lead from the front

·         Confidence – Instil confidence in our players of their own abilities and worth as individuals and team

Selection and Training Squad Policy

·         Select - Competitive selection based on attitude, form and attendance – matching skill levels and physicality

·         Opportunity - Festival Selection will be at the level coaches believe the player can safely play to – we will aim to get every player to a Festival over the Season

·         Constant Movement - Players will move up and down through the training squads – we will not fix squads – this enables players to develop in different environments and roles (leadership and responsibility)

·         No Show - If players are absent for a tournament or for a period of training they will not be automatically put back into that training squad

Aims for the 2016-17 Season

1.    Have Fun

2.    Tackle and be Tackled safely

3.     Use the width of the pitch

4.     Rush Defence

5.     Pass in both directions

6.     Run forward fast

We want to see an improvement in the core skills of every player and to create a lasting memory of the fun of Rugby.