This season sees evolution of the TAG game played last season.  There are a few key rule changes that take the players forward in their skills and increase their need for stamina.

The key differences this season are:

Bigger Pitch and Longer Games  Fitness and stamina start to become more important this season.
6 Players on Pitch (plus subs)  Team work becomes key with understanding of space and field position vital - drawing opposition and passing to space to allow free running.
7th Tag Turnover  Strong defensive lines and rush defense looking to TAG and push the opposition back, even with ball possession.  Continued straight running is vital and adopting passes before being tagged.
The Knock On & The Forward Pass Both Penalised  Imperative that balls are passed rather than given to team mates.  Turnover ball is the result of these infringements.

Lastly, players will not be penalised for going to ground when they score now - something we paid a heavy price for early on last season.