The whole of SRFC U8s travelled to nearby neighbours Warlingham for a morning of games in a mini festival organised between the two clubs.  With Sevenoaks carved in to 8 squads, most teams were able to play 4/5 games to decide who to face in the friendly finals.  

Thank you Warlingham for a well organised and fun morning!

Team 3 Feedback and Results:

Game 1 Vs Warlingham Orange – WIN 8-5

Tries; Ethan (6), Georgia (1), Max (1)

Game 2 Vs Warlingham Red – LOST 5-7

Tries; Ethan (3), Aiden (1), Nick (1)

Game 3 Vs Sevenoaks Team 4 – WIN 8-7

Tries; Alex (1), Georgia (1), Ethan (2), Tom (2), Max (1), Gregor (1)

Game 4 Vs Warlingham Blues – LOST 6-10

Tries; Ethan (4), Nick (1), Max (1)

Final Game Vs Warlingham Whites – DRAW 7-7

Tries; Ethan (2), Aidan (2), Nick (2), Gregor (1)


Magnificent running in attack with the ball; straight, fast and effective.   This is precisely what we need to move the team forwards.  Also some very good support runs and positioning in attack.

In defence you need to be closer to the attacker before you reach for the tag to ensure a better success rate.  Have confidence…with your pace you’ll be able to move up quickly and give yourself more time to take the tag.


You listened really well to the coaches after the first couple of games and really focussed on straight running, which resulted in an excellent and well deserved try in game 3.  Fantastic speed from the line in defence.

Make yourself available throughout the match, not just from set pieces….run off the shoulder of your team mate with the ball in attack and be sure to call loudly to receive the pass.  You are up quickly in defence as we asked, but try to focus on running forwards and not cutting across in front of your team mates to take a tag (this leaves a section of the pitch unmarked).  Have confidence they will take the tag, and mark you section of the pitch with the same determination

Ethan Craggs

Absolutely fantastic attacking play, both from set pieces and open play.  Quick reactions during the game led to a great sneaky try when the opposition dropped the ball.  You showed good evasive running when remembering to run straight (don’t go the long way round!).  Consistently good support running.

You need to be sure to move forwards in defence, you often ran backwards from the whistle giving the opposition plenty of space to run into.  Try to stay on your feet when tagging.  Diving for a tag was not successful and it meant you weren’t able to have a second opportunity to tag, and with your pace, you probably would have caught them up.  Keep away from the touch line!


Great support play throughout the matches with good straight running with the ball in two hands.  Some great tagging too.

From a re-start, look to see which of your team mates has the best opportunity for running into space, don’t just pass to the familiar faces.  After taking a tag, really focus on working to get back on-side to put you in the correct position in defence.


A slow start to the day, but in the later matches you really made a positive impact every time you had the ball.  Good straight running, and some good support runs too.

In defence, try to move forward quickly from the pass.  Make sure you are close to the attacking player before reaching for the tag for an improved success rate.


Some lovely running with the ball in two hands, and good support running in attack.

Be more vocal to ensure you receive the ball in open play, and try to stay close enough as a support runner to make yourself the best option for the off-load.


Good powerful running with the ball in hand.  Some really good support running.  Excellent at calling the team back in defence for a re-start, great organising.

Try to stay as focussed in defence as you are in attack, it is just as important.  Don’t throw a pass from the floor if you fall over, keep hold of the ball and stand up, then pass.  Make sure when you pass, it is accurate, don’t throw the ball and hope.


Excellent support play throughout the morning.  Lovely straight running with the ball in two hands, very surprised to see you didn’t have more tries, you certainly deserved it.

Make sure you know where the try line is….you unselfishly passed the ball from the try line on at least two occasions when the try was yours.  Be more vocal and have more confidence in attack, generally you are exactly where you need to be!

Coaches Comments

In general we were so impressed with the level of teamwork amongst the players, most of whom hadn’t played together before.  We were fantastic in attack throughout the tournament, and really started to focus on our support running in attack, with a couple of really good off-loads before being tagged.

As a team, we must stay away from the touch-line.  With 7 opportunities to score a try, it really is a shame to give the ball away by running off the pitch.  We need to make full use of the larger pitches, and pass away from the touch-line at every opportunity.  We need to work on our defence, moving up together as a line, immediately the ball is passed.  We have to stay together to be effective in defence.  We did work on this, and there was much improvement in the last couple of games, but still more work to be done!  In attack we need to spread out more, not bunch and fight for the ball from set piece.  We are all very capable at passing and catching, so there is no need to group together.

Definitely more positives than negatives in this tournament, well done to all of you!