Under another leaden sky, the U8s players sided with the coaches to throw down the gauntlet to their parents, siblings and the odd grandparent too.  In our regular spot, just beyond the cricket square, horizontal rain substituted for the regular water breaks as every player did their best to coat themselves in the mud that binds the hallowed turf together.

With Head Coach Pearl administering challenges normally aligned with top tier international teams, a few straight from Eddie Jones' play book, mud sweat and tears flew as 'The Boss' flayed the recruits without pause.  Drills such as skipping, hopping on one foot and the now infamous 'hop scotch' reduced many a player to their knees, with perspiration flowing down their faces - but it might have been rain.....  With a boom, Pearl announced 'the beatings would continue until morale improved....'   

As the session drew to an end, one and all reconvened.  The end of a great first half to the season sees us leaving 2015 behind, with plenty of tournaments ahead in 2016 including Saracens and the Kent Finals.  

Many thanks from all the coaches for your continued support and efforts - it is a great pleasure to be able to coach your children and we hope that they enjoy it as much as we do and perhaps learn a few things in the meantime!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you on the 3rd January 2016!