Blackheath RFC Mini Rugby Festival

Sevenoaks 1

It was a change to play rugby on a Saturday, lovely weather and a very well in festival. As expected Blackheath put on a very well organised festival, thank you for having us.

For some of the boys it was the first time they had played on the bigger pitches, which showed in our first game against TJs. We narrowly lost that game by just one try. Final score was 5-6

Our second game against Blackheath once again was a very tight affair, the boys learnt from the first game and used all the space available. They were rewarded with scoring a lot more tries, unfortunately not quite as many as the opposition. We lost 5-7.

The first half of our third and final game against Edenbridge was by far our best, great defence and some even better passing made it a pleasure to watch. Well done boys. The boys really showed what they can do when they listen and use all the space. Unfortunately a few missed tags early in the second half saw our boys heads drop. Final result was 4-7.

Well done to Coby Smith, Andy Crawford, Harry Paterson, Xavier Prongue, Nicholas Sumner, Rishan Saini.

Paul and Bob.

Sevenoaks 2

Pool Game 1 Vs Dartfordians 3

Sevenoaks 4 - Dartfordians 3

A closely fought match between two eager teams.  Sevenoaks showed great organisation in defence with the opposition struggling to find a way through with the ball.  Fantastic tagging led to 7th tag turnover giving us the ball in a great position to reset our attack.  A great team effort, with all scores via Hector.

Trys: Hector (4)

Pool Game 2 Vs Old Colfeians 2

Sevenoaks 2 Vs Old Colfeians 4

A valiant effort against a very strong and fast team.  We were left slightly shell-shocked by the speed of the attack in the first game (not helped by the down-hill slope with the attack) which led to their first four trys.  However, after re-grouping at half-time, a better defensive shape alongside some fantastic flying tags meant the 2nd half score was a draw.  A fabulous ‘never give up’ attitude.

Trys: Harvey (1), Hector (1)

Plate Game 1 Vs Old Dunstonians

Sevenoaks 4 – Old Dunstonians 4

We were very unfortunate not to have won this game.  A long wait between the pool games, tired legs and some full tummies meant we weren’t quite on top form for the first half.  However, an impressive display of rugby in a thrilling second half pulled the game back to a draw.  Great defensive shape in the second half meant they struggled to find a way through. 

Trys: Forbes (1), Sean (1), Hector (2)

Plate Game 2 Vs Blackheath 4

Sevenoaks 4 – Blackheath 6

An exciting and fast-paced game with great attacking and defence by both teams.  We lost concentration on a couple of occasions in the first half which gave them a lead that we were unable to claw back.  Greater concentration and a sense of urgency led to three fantastic trys in the second half.

Trys: Hector (1), Georgia (1), Harvey (1), Forbes (1)