Sevenoaks B's entered the Kent Mini Festival on a bright and sunny day hosted by Aylesford Buls RFC for an action packed day of high quality rugby with the following team:

Gentry-Potter, Youngson, Rumsey, Hewitt, Holden, 

Box, Lenaghan, Dixon, Satrettin, Stratton, Ebsworth

Cameo appearances by Maynard, Lay, Daly and Burgess

Our first match against Aylesford A's saw a gritty fast paced performance by Sevenoaks running out 3-2 winners with tries from Holden, Hewitt and Box. Excellent well disciplined play of rugby produced some magnificent offloading and rucking by a very determined Sevenoaks side.

Our second match was against Sidcup A's where our boys didn't play with the same intensity as the first match. Sevenoaks lost an influential player and the team all stepped up to make their teammate proud. Whilst we put in an excellent performance with some good defending and counter-play Sevenoaks narrowly lost. Holden scored our only try.

Our third match against Canterbury A's saw our team up against a well drilled squad who put Sevenoaks under a lot pressure. Having conceded early in the first half, Sevenoaks went out in the second half very bright and determined to stop Canterbury scoring and in the process scoring a fantastic team try by Holden. Our team lost a couple of players and were replaced by the excellent duo of Maynard and Lay.

Our last match saw us play against a strong Ashford A's team and Sevenoaks were back with some excellent running and try scoring. The team had kept their shape on the pitch and we played it down the flanks and to the wings scoring almost at will. Daly and Burgess were brought on in the second half to replace the heroic Ebsworth who was 5m from scoring an excellent individual try. Tries were scored by, Rumsey, Stratton, Holden, Youngson, Hewitt and Box