On Sunday 19th March eleven boys travelled to Edenbridge for their Development Festival.

J.Box, T.Claridge, J.Clarke, R.Dalton, O.Ebsworth, T.Hewitt, H.Gustard, F.Rumsey, A.Stratton, J.Waller, G.Williams

Four games were played against Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge Juddians 1, Tonbridge Juddians 2 and Sidcup.

The Sevenoaks boys continuously improved their game over the festival and won all four matches against strong opposition.

In dry but very windy conditions, the opening two games saw us concede just one try in each with the standard of play improving with the forward running  and passing enabling the boys on the wing to power through and score the teams tries.

By the third game the team came together and were putting into practice everything that they had covered in training, the boys were talking to each other on the pitch and maintaining good defensive and attacking lines which together with good mauling and rucking produced good results against strong opposition.  In one of the games the boys were concerned that one of the opposition players was much larger than they were, this concern was put to rest when one of our smallest players went in with a tackle in exactly the right way and successfully brought this player to the ground, which was representative of this teams attitude.

The boys were a pleasure to coach and listened to what they were being told and put their skills into practice with minimal input from the side lines during the match and noticeably improved their game performance over the morning.  An outstanding performance from all the boys.