Event:  Sevenoaks Rugby - 16th Annual Schools Tag Rugby Event
Date: Wednesday 23rd May 2018

A warm welcome to everyone taking part.

This is our 16th Annual Kent Schools Tag Rugby Festival. The following information is provided to help ensure that we all get the most from the event. There is a lot of detail here, so please ensure that whoever is coming on the day and is responsible for their respective Team / Pupils / Players, is aware of all aspects of participation whatever they may be. Please plan ahead whether it is for timings, transport, equipment, clothing or money for food and drink.

You can find out more about last year's event HERE

If you have additional questions, or you need information about your school entry, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Timings on the day

  • 14.30 - Arrive and park
  • 15.00 - Registration opens
  • 15.10 - Referee's Briefing (Referee's Only)
  • 15.30 - Registration closes
  • 15.40 - Coaches Briefing (1 Coach per Team = 32 Coaches + Referees)
  • 15.50 - Welcome (Everyone)
  • 16.00 - Matches Start - Group Stage
  • 17.00 - Interval - Trinity School demo matches
  • 17.15 - Trophy Stage matches start
  • 18.15 - Matches end
  • 18.20 - Presentations
  • 18.30 - Event Ends

Where is it all happening?

Sevenoaks Rugby Club, Knole Paddock, Plymouth Drive, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3RP


Who's involved with the event?

300+ Children

  • 32 x Teams of 8-10 players
  • 20 x "Runners" from Local Secondary Schools

100+ Adults

  • Coaches, Teachers, Parents & Carers

Kent Sport  #KentGirlsCan "Photoframe"

  • Part of the national #ThisGirlCan Campaign

Local Secondary Schools helping:

  • Trinity School (Sevenoaks)  providing Field Stewards & Score Runners and Demonstration matches during the interval
  • Sevenoaks School offering Agility Tests
  • Radnor House School (was Combe Bank) offering Drinks & Cakes

Also in the Clubhouse

  • Hot food & Drinks for sale - thanks to Diane Carey
  • Cold soft drinks  for sale
  • Beers & Wine - Yes, Colin Foreman will open up the Club Bar. 

    So, any players can buy their afternoon / evening Meal.

Which schools are taking part?

  • Amherst School - 3 teams
  • Aylesford - 1 team
  • Borough Green - 1 team
  • Chevening Primary - 1 team
  • Churchill - 1 team
  • Dunton Green - to be confirmed
  • Fosse Bank - 2 teams
  • Ide Hill - 1 team
  • Ightham Primary - 2 teams
  • Kemsing Primary - 2 teams
  • Lady Boswell's - 2 teams
  • Leigh Primary - to be confirmed
  • Otford - 3 teams
  • Radnor House - 1 team
  • Seal - 1 team
  • Sevenoaks Primary - 1 team
  • Shoreham Village Primary - 1 team
  • St Johns Primary - 3 teams
  • St Thomas Primary - 2 teams
  • Weald Community Primary School - 2 teams

The Rugby Code

At Sevenoaks Rugby we are strong believers in the the Rugby Code - T.R.E.D.S. - which stands for:

  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Enjoyment
  • Discipline
  • Sportsmanship

Throughout the course of our event, it is these qualities we will be striving to uphold in our organisation and in our Refereeing.  We hope the RFU video on YouTube shown here will help you and your players appreciate the significance of the Rugby code and why it is so important.

Event Group Stage

With 32 Teams entered, we will have eight league tables of 4 teams. Each team will play each other team in their group to determine league positions.

The Event will be a "Waterfall" Event, where

  • 32 x Teams will be split into 8 x Groups of 4 Teams.
  • Each Team will play 3 x matches of 7 minutes one way

Event Trophy Stage

Following the Group Stage, the teams then take part in the knock-out phase, based on their Group Stage performances. There are Cup, Plate, Bowl, Shield, Jug, Vase, Salver and Tankard competitions so everyone continues to take part throughout the afternoon.

  • 32 x Teams will be rearranged into 8 x Groups of 4 Teams
  • Each Team will play a further 3 x matches of 7 minutes one way
  • There will be a Trophy for each Group - each team will have a 1 in 4 opportunity to win one of the trophies.

Fair Play Points

Fair play points will be awarded by the Referees to each of the Two Teams, at the end of a match, marked on the Score Card, along with the final score and collated by the Scorers, in the Clubhouse.

Fair play points will be awarded for:

  • Following the T.R.E.D.S. code (see above)
  • Displays of Good Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship will go far.
  • Congratulating the opposition on good play / winning.
  • Being "Gracious in Victory" and "Dignified in Defeat".

Please bear in mind - Fair Play Points can carry a Team forward to the Fair Play Finals, even if the team do not win the CUP Final in this event.

Keeping delays to a minimum

 In order to ensure the smooth running of the event and to keep delays to a minimum, we would ask that Teams:

  • Be assembled (wearing Tag Belts and Two Tags) during the Half Time break of the preceding match - In other words, if you are due to play at 16.00, have your team assembled behind the deadball area of your pitch, by the time the second half of the match starts (around 15.55), 
  • As that match finishes and the respective teams leave the pitch, your team and your opponents can walk straight onto the pitch and start within less than a minute.
  • Please refer to the "Pitch Marshalls / Runners" from Trinity School for any assistance in this matter.

No one wants a 5 minute delay between games, whilst Teams and players are being located and guided onto the pitch.


Laws of the game (Rules)

We will be playing to the Kent RFU Laws (Rules).  Please read and familiarise yourself with these.

At the Request of Kent Schools and the Kent RFU, this will be an UNLIMITED Tag Tournament i.e. no turnover on the 7th Tag.

Turnovers will only come from:

  • Knock-on
  • Forward Pass
  • Offside
  • Obstruction
  • Going into Touch (including brushing the outside edge of a shoe / trainer on the Touchline)
  • Physical play (e.g. pushing an opponent into Touch)
  • An interception from an onside position

This is consistent with the Kent Finals in June, so if your team are lucky enough to progress to the Finals in June, they will benefit from the practice.

Golden Tickets

In every Rugby match - International or provincial, School or Club - there are 'Golden Moments' of Team or individual brilliance.

During the event, we may be lucky to witness 

  • someone making a try saving 'Tag'
  • a perfectly timed interception
  • moments of generous teamwork between players
  • individual brilliance
  • generosity in Victory
  • dignity in defeat

Essentially displays of one or more elements of T.R.E.D.S.

  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Enjoyment
  • Discipline
  • Sportsmanship

Each Referee will have Golden Tickets to issue to players involved in a 'Golden Moment'.

Coaches / Teachers / Parents simply write (in pencil) the Players name and School on the back of a 'Golden Ticket' and hand them to the 'Runners' from Trinity School - who will take them to the 'Scoring Centre' to be tallied.

During the Presentations at the end of the event, anyone winning a 'Golden Ticket' will be presented with a 'Golden Moment' Certificate.

Players can win many Golden Tickets although only one Certificate per winning Player will be awarded. (So it may be best to be a good Team player and help one's Teammates to win a "Golden Ticket") 

Coaches Briefing

The Coaches Briefing at 15.20 will allow a quick Q&A between coaches and Referees to cover off the finer points of the Laws (Rules)

Please use the form below with any specific questions you might want addressed, so that we can review them in advance of the event.

We will be asking Team Coaches to help:

  • Run the touchline
  • Encourage teams to retire the required minimum 7 meters when necessary
  • The Referee uphold the Rugby code - see "T.R.E.D.S." above (especially the Respect part).

The Referee is the sole arbitrator of the Laws of the Game. The Referee's decision is final.


This event will be very much an "al Fresco" event and will go ahead whatever the weather. The Clubhouse will be closed - though access to the Changing Rooms below the clubhouse may be made available, if the weather becomes bad.

Please note that:

  • If open, the Changing rooms will not be locked at any time, so the responsibility for any items left in the changing rooms sits with the owner.  Sevenoaks Rugby are not responsible for any valuables, possessions or equipment you bring.
  • The Pavilion in the centre will be unavailable / locked, though the public toilets will be available.

Each team needs to bring their own:

  • Tags and Tag Belts (Please observe the laws regarding the length and colour of the Tags.  Please, No "Ribbon" Tags nor shortened or narrow tags)
  • Bibs - In the case of a clash of Team colours, it would be good to have Bibs with you.
  • Trainers or Boots - Trainers will be fine.  However given the weather forecast, boots with studs might be of an advantage.
  • Gum Shields - Tag Rugby is a Non Contact sport. Gum Shields are optional.

Concussion - This is a serious matter.  In the unlikely event of a collision or fall resulting in a player (or players) sustaining a head injury and exhibiting the symptoms of a possible concussion, they will be asked to retire from the Event and take no further part.

The Festival should run for up to 3 hours (perhaps longer), so it is suggested that players bring:

  • A Ground Sheet or a portable Chair - to sit on and rest between games
  • Healthy Snacks - to keep energy levels up, throughout the Festival.
  • Bin Liners - for any rubbish.

Photography and Publicity

The Rugby Pitches at The Knole Paddock where Sevenoaks Rugby play are a public space. Please note that:

  • Anyone is entitled to walk onto the field unchallenged.
  • As such, it is assumed that any participant in the Schools Tag Festival gives their consent to being photographed by anyone.

DE Photo

As at other sporting events, DE Photo will be taking photos on the day. All the action shots. etc will be available to purchase after the event.

*Publicity Opt Out

Any coach with children who's photograph cannot be used for publicity purposes will need to:

  • Request a sticker at the time of Registration (3pm onwards)
  • Ensure the respective Players wear the sticker high on their chest, just below their neck - so that it is clearly visible

This however will NOT prevent them from being photographed. It just means that any picture with a pupil in, who is wearing a sticker should not be used for publicity purposes.

Food and drink

There will be food and drink available to purchase outside the Clubhouse.

  • This will be run by Diane Carey
  • We would suggest that players stay hydrated.
  • Even if the sun is not out, a Rugby Festival can be long, tiring and require a participant to remain hydrated throughout the afternoon.

 Competitive Fun

Ultimately, the Festival is all about competitive fun. First and foremost, the players should enjoy themselves in this competitive event.

Once again, welcome to the event.  We hope you, your pupils and their Parents / Supporters enjoy the Event.

Nick Wilkinson - Rugby Development Officer


Tournament Q&A: If you have any questions, please have a look at the Q&A blog here.

If you have a new question, please use the form below.

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Bat & Ball Sports are here all afternoon if you need anything...

Bat & Ball Sports are here all afternoon if you need anything...

Who will win the Golden Tickets? See info for details...

Who will win the Golden Tickets? See info for details...

DE Photo are here all afternoon capturing the action....

DE Photo are here all afternoon capturing the action....