Valence School students & Sevenoaks RFC Girls U13s&U15s proved this to be true.

On Friday 22nd April, secondary students at Valence school in Westerham, (a school with students of varying degrees of physical disabilities and complex medical issues), enjoyed a fun filled rugby afternoon with Sevenoaks U13 and U15 girls.  Starting with skill sessions including; run the tackling tube or ‘sausage’ down, slalom driving/running & ball passing, everyone later joined in a competitive game of rob the nest, followed by combined matches, in which an even greater competitive spirit came out by all.  At the end all students were given the famous orange beanie from SRFC and a Wooden Spoon wristband.

The day was led by Christopher Leach and David Rabbitt, two of the Sevenoaks Girls’ Coaches; with support from Michael Wooldridge, Junior Chairman of SRFC and Nick Wilkinson, SRFC Rugby Development Officer.  

We were also extremely lucky to have Andy Barrow – a 3-time wheelchair rugby Paralympian who ran a further session & refereed the matches.  Andy later gave an inspiring talk to all with the main message being ‘we all have different challenges in life; we all can overcome these challenges.’

Also supported by the Wooden Spoon, a charity who fund projects across the UK and Ireland to support disabled and disadvantaged children, happily cheering everyone on from the side lines.  Peter Johnston, from the Wooden Spoon Kent, commented on the uplifting spirit of the day & particularly noted how well SRFC girls and Valence students worked so closely together; ‘..Sevenoaks Girls are true ambassadors of both the club and the sport of rugby.’

Later on in the day a Valence School teacher tweeted; ‘ @ValenceSchool students loved the rugby coaching from @SevenoaksRFC girls’ --  that is what the day was all about!

SRFC girls in attendance were: Izzy Avery, Charlotte Bowyer, Zoe Clarke, Rosa Cunningham, Catherine Davies, Josie Hamon, Harriett Hockey, Isla Jackson, Katie Kelly, Georgia Lane, Phoebe Leach, Elspeth O’Shea, Sasha Petrie, Millie Rabbitt, Maddie Roff, Tori Sellors, Hannah Walton, Sally Williams