Another Area 3 cup competition match saw us going to Aylesford, in what was expected to be a tough match.  Our girls jumped ahead by scoring two tries within the first 15 minutes, leading 10 - 0.  Aylesford were soon to reply, by scoring two tries themselves and converting a kick.  Sevenoaks were not to be defeated., having scored another two tries they led again.  Aylesford came back even stronger and scored more tries in response.  Towards the end our girls seemed to run out of steam,  making a few silly errors, ie. not picking the ball up and running into the middle; which ultimately gave Aylesford the opportunity to score two more tries, winning 39-29.  Great efforts  put in by all and some brilliant moments of team work!!  Sevenoaks girls: Anna, Beth Catherine (15), Ellie, Fran, Jess, Katie (5), Lucy (5), Maddie B, Maddie R, Phoebe (4), Sally, Sasha