Running a ballot for popular tickets at Twickenham using just one form wasn't difficult enough for your International Ticket Secretary so the 'powers that be' have introduced a new process that involves two forms and added a layer of complexity. So here goes with an explanation; read through to the end then come back to the top and give it another go to take it all in...

First the easy part...matches v Argentina and Samoa:

  • England v Argentina on 11 November 2017
  • England v Samoa on 25 November 2017

Members can apply for as many tickets as they would like and we will be able to buy that allocation.  For most ticket categories there are also junior tickets available for our young stars who are 15 or under so these, as ever, are excellent games for a family day out.  However we have to be early to secure the preferential pricing offered so applications should be returned to the International Ticket Secretary by 18 July 2017 to enable those tickets to be secured.

Please also do not over order as we expect to get the numbers of tickets we order and there will be no returns available.  There may still be opportunities after the closing date but these will be at increased prices.  The ticket form for these two games is the one called Extra Autumn Internationals 2017.

Now it gets complex... here come the Aussies:

  • England v Australia on 18 November 2017.  

For this game we have a maximum number of allocated tickets at preferential prices.  We will be running our usual ballot process for these tickets and, expect these to be very popular so members are likely to be limited to a maximum of 2 tickets.

As above we have to secure these tickets earlier than normal at preferred prices so the ticket form needs to be returned by the 18th July 2017 as well.  After that date there may be an opportunity to purchase additional tickets but these will be at an increased price – this is shown in brackets on the ticket form. If you would be interested in having some of these additional tickets then please register your interest on the form and make sure that your contact e-mail and phone number are on the form – best handwriting please.  The form for this application is called Autumn International Ticket Application 2017.
"As ever with a new system", writes the Hon Sec, "then I am sure we may find a few glitches so please bear with us. Our objective will be, as ever, to get as many members to HQ as we can – and if you are unlucky in the ballot then remember that the club-house is the next best thing for atmosphere and watching with your friends – and there isn’t a queue at the train station after the game!"