Safeguard young players

Four of our town’s major Clubs are joining forces to raise awareness of heart health and to provide an opportunity for younger players to find out if they are at risk of cardiac arrest

Sevenoaks Town Football Club, Sevenoaks Hockey Club, Sevenoaks Rugby Club, and Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club have arranged for heart screenings for boys and girls and young men and women aged 14 – 35 in conjunction with Cardiac Risk in the Young.

The Sevenoaks Sports Clubs coalition has arranged for two days of screenings on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April 2016 at Greatness Park, Sevenoaks for 200 people. The screening takes 10 minutes and costs £35 per person.

The initiative is inspired by the tragic death of Tonbridge Angels player Jack Madams. His life was sadly cut short due to a heart condition.

Jack and others may have lived if they were aware of the condition. Their deaths have inspired a local campaign. Spurred on, Sevenoaks Sports Clubs have put aside notional rivalries about oval or round ball, hockey stick or cricket bat because where preventing young sudden cardiac deaths is concerned, life is too precious and sports must act as one. At least 12 young people in the UK die each week due to undetected heart conditions. Please take the time to register because the £35 fee could be the best investment you ever make.


Book your place at  then select Private Screening from the menu across the top of the page. Scroll down to the Sevenoaks Sports Clubs dates and click on your preferred date and then select a time.  The password for your booking is Sevenoaks910


Please make a donation of £35 (or more) per screening by going to and putting ‘SSC’ in the reference so the donation can be tracked to the Sevenoaks Sports Club project.

Find out more

You can find out more by the inspiration for this initiative by going to, set up by Jack’s dad after the tragic loss of his son. Here’s to Jack, the future he should have had and a lasting legacy to prevent fellow local sports boys, girls, men and women from dying young.

The Cardiac Risk in the Young charity website also carries more information and background about a condition that will be a silent killer unless a screening takes place.


Download the flyer here!